Frequent Questions

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Is it possible to pay in a yearly period rather than monthly?

Yes, subscription of add-on aligns with Jira subscription. See also instructions for switching Jira subscription to annual.

Annual subscription offers 2 months free on an annual basis as a discount.

Can we buy Time Reports for a subset of users?

No, add-on license must match the highest Jira licensing tier. Please see How are add-ons licensed? for more details.

How to pay for the subscription for the Time Reports?

Billing will start automatically, unless you cancel subscription during trial period, and will be included into your Jira Cloud bill. Please see Trying and subscribing to an add-on for more details.

How to see hours logged per user per day?

You just need to set Group by: Worked User option.

How to see issue Summary (title) in case of Group by option?

It's possible in case of Show details only. Click expand icon in the gadget header. Then Issue title is shown on mouse over the issue key. Also you may add Summary in Additional Fields option.

How to put a filter in place so that it excludes certain issues from the report?

It's necessary to select filter in Filter Or Project option. Note, only Favourite filters can be selected there.

Where is Time Reports report?

Time Reports report is accessible via menu Projects - some project - Reports tab - Other category.

It can be also open from dashboard using arrow icon in top right corner of the Time Reports gadget (dashboard item).

It also has system navigation bar item, but it is shown for members of user groups selected in Auditors Groups or Time Entry Issue Panel Groups options, if any configured.

Additionally you can add quick link with Application Navigator - it allows to set its links to be viewable just by the specified groups in a really straight-forward manner.

Or it is possible to add similar shortcut link per project, using Add link in the project navigation sidebar.

Url to Time Reports is like this:

How to sum hours for Epic?

First, it's necessary to configure Parent Issue Link: Epic Link in Add-on Configuration. Add-on configuration is accessible from the report by Administrators only. See Configure link in header part of the report page.

Then, Sum Sub-Tasks gadget or report option will aggregate hours for Epics. Note, behaviour is quite the same as it used to be in Timesheet Reports and Gadgets add for Jira Server using Group by: Epic Link.

However, if you'll want to Sum Sub-Tasks not to Epic, but to parent issue only, you will need to adjust add-on configuration each time. Grouping by: Parent in case of Parent Issue Field configured works quite the same, i.e. sums hours into issue via Epic Link too.

Is there a way to persist the query parameters?

Yes, if you move mouse over the report title in the main area, it changes to the editable field, you can change the name and save it, then it will be available in the Report drop down in the left pane.

Your saved report will be available for you only, it's not possible to share it with anyone else. Though, you can copy and save the url from the browser instead of persisting query parameters in the report.

Can it be configured to fine grade permissions who can create reports, or who can edit time logs of other users, etc.?

There is Timesheet Auditors Groups add-on configuration option to specify user groups, who can see time logs of others. See Configure link in header part of the report page.

And there is Edit All Worklogs Jira permission, to restrict who can edit time logs of others, please see Jira documentation for more details.

Total number does not match?

Because of Maximum Fraction Digits configured in add-on configuration, total number of hours shown on report page may not match total calculated by applying SUM formula to exported worklog in Excel.

When Maximum Fraction Digits configured, hours are displayed as individually rounded values, but total in the report is calculated on exact values, and then rounded. In Excel, every entry is rounded, so if you apply SUM you get incorrect result. There is Total row for exported worklog, to avoid this confusion.

See also related issues 1173 and 937

Unexpected error?

Worklog must not be null

Please check you don't have Worklog Visibility set in the Log Work Dialog. If you see Restricted to in the bottom of the dialog, it might be that someone has configured Default Worklog Visibility Group in add-on configuration, while in Jira System Configuration Comment visibility is set to default Project Roles only, and may need to be changed to Groups & Project Roles. Please see Configuring Jira application options for more information.

Hours are displayed for incorrect person.

The problem most likely is that you Group by Assignee, instead of Group by: Worked User.


You can click Contact Support link in the very bottom of the report page to send email to support, possibly with Include Support Data. Or enable Track Support Data option in add-on configuration, then reload report and click Send Support Data button. Or create service request here.

Missing features?

REST endpoint for raw worklogs - please use Jira native REST api, as described here or Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira

Support for Timesheet Email is available in Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira