Frequent Questions

If you have not found your answer here or in Atlassian Answers, do not hesitate to write me an email in English, Russian or Czech language at your convenience.

What license do we need for the add-on on Jira Server (on-premise)?

You need the same license type as your Jira has, particularly number of users in add-on license must match the number of users in Jira license. See also Licensing and Pricing.

Do we need license for our TEST instance to keep plugin active?

Yes, you need another license, if you plan to install plugin to on another server (see also Licensing and Pricing, but for TEST server you may use developer license, see how to create developer licenses here.

How long does the free evaluation/trial last for?

Trial is 1 month and can be extended up to 6 months. Please see Purchasing & Licensing FAQ also.

Is it possible to extend evaluation license?

You can generate month evaluation licenses up to 6 times for an add-on, i.e. you can evaluate for half a year in total. These evaluations were accommodated for long purchasing cycles in some organizations. Please do not abuse it.

You should be able to generate these licensing manually on Add-on page.

See also Purchasing & Licensing FAQ.

Can I request a quote for purchase?

Yes, please go through Buy License Now at plugin page on Atlassian Marketplace, click Add to Cart and then Save this Quote, which you can pay later when you are ready.

How much does the license upgrade cost?

See order form, which should tell you your actual price when you click on the "Upgrade" tab and Enter the license SEN and email address for a current license contact.

How to see plugin in action after install?

It is necessary to add timesheet gadget to your dashboard at Jira Administration - System Dashboard. See also video for more details on YouTube. Also reports are available in Projects menu, for selected project, see Timesheet Report and Project Pivot Report in the most bottom.

Note, you may need to enable Time Tracking also at Jira Administration - Time Tracking.

How to make gadgets and reports show larger time period than 2 months?

Since version 2.4 there is Maximum Period Limit Plugin Configuration property.

Before version 2.4 you need to add the following property to jira-home/ and restart Jira, e.g. for year:

jira.timesheet.plugin.maxDays = 360

Please see issue #169 for reference, and also Advanced Jira Configuration.

Problem? Timesheet always shows the current week

For some reason the timesheet always shows the current week, regardless what has been selected in report configuration page. Report displays current week start and end dates.

This might be because of misconfigured UI and backend date format, please check Customising the Look and Feel and make sure your settings are correct.

Problem? Group Timesheet does not show data

This might be because does not have required permission. Timesheet by user group checks for Browse Users permission, for security reasons, see issue #125 for more details.

Please see Global Permissions for information about Browse Users permission

Also since version 2.3.15, there may be no data displayed, even if permissions are there, but project specified in report or gadget configuration. In this case it's necessary to update your project roles to include relevant groups. If project and group are specified, plugin displays worked hours for project members only. And membership is determined by all project roles beside Users. Adding needed groups to Developers role should be sufficient, but you may want to elaborate project roles. Then you may use project roles without groups to get project timesheet.

Problem? Timesheet does not show anything

There might be unexpected issues within worked time collecting algorithms, which may be easier to solve with debug logging enabled for plugin. You may edit <JIRA_HOME>/WEB-INF/classes/ or use temporary logging as described here. Add the following categories, just omit log4.logger. prefix, if you use temporary logging, or restart Jira if you edit; perform relevant scenario, retrieve logs and send them with your email request for help or attach to bug you create: = DEBUG, console, filelog = false

log4j.logger.jira.plugin = DEBUG, console, filelog
log4j.additivity.jira.plugin = false

log4j.logger.jira.timesheet.plugin = DEBUG, console, filelog
log4j.additivity.jira.timesheet.plugin = false

We are getting excessive warnings in the log, how is it possible to prevent this to spam our Log?

It was caused by implementation specifics in previous versions, and did not influence plugin functionality, however is fixed since 2.3.13.

Prior 2.3.13, please see issue #37 for the information on how to suppress warnings in log

How to purchase from countries unsupported by Atlassian Marketplace?

Now customers from almost all countries can buy directly from Atlassian Markplace.

Though, if you're from country from the exception list, please contact any Altlassian Expert at your preference or from the list on this page. Someone can help you facilitate the purchase. It should be enough to ask for quote for Timesheet Reports and Gadgets Plugin For Jira to initiate the process.

I may recommend the following Atlassian Experts who help often to purchase Timesheet plugin:

Is there a reseller program?

Plugin is sold only via Atlassian Marketplace. There is 20% discount for Atlassian Experts resellers. For non Atlassian Experts there is no official reseller program. Resellers can purchase license for their customers at regular basis. See also Atlassian Marketplace FAQ for more details about Atlassian Marketplace.

End User License Agreement ("EULA")

Timesheet Reports and Gadgets for Jira is provided under the terms of Prime Timesheet End User License Agreement.