Multiple Time Zones

Version 2.3.7 introduced better support for multiple timezone environment (issue #281)

Consider two users logged worked done at the same time, but one in India, on Tuesday, and other in US, west coast, on Monday.

Jira will show worklog as if both entries were recorded at the same time for both users, on Monday or on Tuesday, depending on viewing user.

However from Timesheet it is expected:

1) When one in US looks at timesheet, he would see own time worked on Monday, and colleague from India worked time on Tuesday.

2) When other in India looks at timesheet, he would see own time on Tuesday, and colleague from US worked time on Monday.

That would correspond reality and allow correct time audit in teams distributed over multiple time zones.

Before timesheet plugin worked in-line with Jira.

Case 1: admin (and server also) has GMT+1, logs work 1h done on 3d of Sep, of his local time.

Case 2: user has GMT+12, logs work 1h done on 4th of sep of his local time

Jira worklog

Worklog Admin

Case 1, admin’s view, notice, user’s date is “wrong”

Worklog User

Case 2, AZ’s view, notice admin’s date is “wrong”


Timesheet Admin

Case 1, admin view

Timesheet Admin

Case 2, user view

Now, Timesheet shows entries as they were created by worked user

Timesheet Admin

Case 1: admin view

Timesheet user

Case 2: user view.

Worked time is displayed for the day that user worked on!