Plugin Configuration

Since version 2.4 it's possible to change following plugin configuration options without Jira restart needed. Timesheet Plugin Configuration is available in Administration, Plugins menu in Jira 5, or Add-ons tab in Jira 6. Note, those options that were previously advanced configuration options are still backed up with for backward compatibility.

Since version 2.9.5 it is also possible to set Pretty Duration, Show Total In Front, Highlight Hours options per user in Timesheet Preferences in User Profile.

Timesheet Auditors Group

This option is intended to restrict access to Timesheet, Project Pivot and Timespent. When specified, only users of the selected groups will be allowed to view Timesheet for other users or Project Pivot or Timespent reports.

Timesheet Restricted Groups

This options allows to restrict visibility of other users worked hours to same group members. Users in the selected groups will see worked hours of other users in the same group only.

Timesheet Auditors Role

This option provides more granular restrictions access to Timesheet, Project Pivot and Timespent for other users. If specified, other users time will be shown in Timesheet or Pivot, Timespent only for issues such that current user has specified role in corresponding project.

Please see Issue#453 and specification for rules for all these three options.

Composition Issue Link

"Sum Subtasks" reports and gadgets configuration option by default uses Jira built in sub-tasks, which have one level hierarchy. But using 'is composed of' issue link for sub tasks, Timesheet and Pivot reports can aggregate hours, into parent task. Note, hours are aggregated into root task, transitively via Sub-tasks, Compose Issue Link and also Epic Link from Jira Software, since version 2.7, if Parrent Issue Field option is configured, see below.

Since version and it is possible to switch link direction using Reverse Composition option for relation like Gathers/Is Gathered By.

Note, this option is backed up with the following property in Sample usage:

jira.timesheet.plugin.composeIssueLink = Compose

See also issue #301

Parent Issue Field

Allows to aggregate hours into Jira Software Epic issue, when using Sum subtasks report or gadget configuration option.

In Progress issues

To quickly add worklog for the issues currently in work, see this option to make Timesheet gadget for yourself show In Progress issues in current week. It is necessary to specify JQL query, e.g. assignee = currentUser() and status = 'In Progress'.

If you want more flexibility, consider using labels for this, e.g. JQL: labels in (stick_in_timesheet). So if you want to make some issue appear in timesheet regardless previous worklogs, just add stick_in_timesheet label to it.

Or there is super flexible trick, e.g. JQL: filter = "Sticky Issues for Timesheet". So everyone can create a filter with this name, to whatever he or she wants. If filter does not exist for a user, nothing happens. Also you can share filters with certain users or groups to simplify their lives.

Since version 2.9.3 there is Show Empty Rows option in Time Sheet Gadget configuration, that works in combination with Filter gadget configuration option, so that issues matching the Filter selected are shown with or without work logged yet.

Since version till 2.9.3 it is possible to use Timesheet gaget filter option instead of global JQL query.

See also issue #475, and issue #537.

Note before version 2.7.6, option uses JQL Clause, e.g. status = 'In Progress'. The clause is prepended with assignee = currentUser() and.

Note, this option is backed up with jira.timesheet.plugin.inProgressClause property from E.g.

jira.timesheet.plugin.inProgressClause=status='In Progress'

See also issue #317.

Maximum Period Limit

Use this option to increase limit of maximum days in Timesheet Report or gadget.

Note, before version 3.3.0 there is risk of running Out Of Memory, see Issue #169.

Note, this option is backed up with jira.timesheet.plugin.maxDays property from E.g.


Pretty Duration format

Obsolete since 2.9.8, please see Duration Format instead.

Duration Format

Duration format to display hours. E.g. '1d 2h 30m' in case of Pretty Duration, 1.2d in case of Days, or 10.5h by default.

Note, this option is backed up with jira.timesheet.plugin.prettyDuration property from E.g.

jira.timesheet.plugin.prettyDuration = true

See also issue#202 and issue#e#1051.

Since version 2.9.4 it is possible to set Pretty Duration option per user in Timesheet Preferences in User Profile.

Before version 2.9.8 option is just Pretty Duration Format.

Show Total In Front

Check this option to make plugin show Total column in front also in all gadgets and reports. It is also possible to set this option per user in Timesheet Preferences in User Profile.

Since version 2.9.4.

Highlight Hours

If set, the value is used to highlight hours in Time Sheet Report under/over the threshold.

Additionally, if using Remind Users in Groups option of Timesheet Email Subscriptions, there will be a notice in users' report email if there is incomplete day, i.e. day total is lower than the value specified in the Highlight Hours plugin configuration option.

Since version 2.9.5 it is possible to set Highlight Hours option per user in Timesheet Preferences in User Profile.

Favorite filters

It may be not possible or convenient to show all filters, especially in case of too many filters in Jira. So Favorite filters option allows to restrict Filter option in gadgets and reports to current user favorite filters.

Restrict Group by Field and Additional fields selectors

This options restricts contents of Group By Field and Additional field selectors in Timesheet Report configuration to the selected fields.

Note, this option is backed up with jira.plugin.timesheet.groupbyfields property in E.g.

jira.plugin.timesheet.groupbyfields = Environment,Reporter

Restrict Project selector

This options excludes selected projects from Project selectors in plugin reports and gadgets configurations.

Available from version 2.5.


It is possible to define weekends style in Administration - Add-Ons - Timesheet Plugin Configuration, see Weekends configuration option. It supports standard (Sat-Sun), Islamic (Fri-Sat), Indian (Sun) and Solar (Fri) weekend types.

Available from version 2.6.

Time Sheet header Day Format

Changing "Date/Time Formats" in Jira (Administration->Look and Feel) influences format in tooltips (when you mouse over timesheet header). However if you'd like to change date format in the timesheet header itself, you need to set Day Format 1 and/or Day Format 2 configuration options.

Available from version 2.6.3.

Note, these options are backed up with jira.timesheet.plugin.dayFormat1=E and jira.timesheet.plugin.dayFormat2=dd/MMM (default values are shown) in

Decimal separator for hours

Decimal separator is determined by (your) locale settings. However, you may change it for all users. I.e. it affects whole plugin - all gadgets and both html and excel views for all reports.

Available from version 2.6.3.

Note, this option is backed up in E.g. to use coma instead of period (7,5h instead of 7.5h):

jira.timesheet.plugin.decimalSeparator = ,

See also issue #123 for reference.

Round Hours

Round to hour, half an hour, quarter of an hour, or just to 2 or 1 fraction digits, e.g. 1.33h. Since version and Obsoletes Maximum Fraction Digits option below.

(Obsolete) Maximum Fraction Digits

Maximum number of decimals to display after decimal point in hours, e.g. 1.33h.

Worklog Limit

This option is designed to workaround OutOfMemory problem caused by huge detailed Time Sheet Report. So if specified, no details will show if worklog count is greater than a specified value, and no empty issues will be displayed if number of issues is greater than Worklog Limit divided by 10. Set it to 0 to disable it.

Disable Logging Work

This option allows to disable Logging work from dashboard gadget for everyone.

Disable Timesheet Subscriptions

This option allows to disable subscribing to Time Sheet Report by email. If enabled all existing subscriptions will be ignored, i.e. no emails will be sent.

Columns For Export

Configure columns for export suing Excel View in Time Sheet and Project Pivot reports.

Custom days off and holidays

Since version 2.6 it's possible to configure custom holidays in separate Add-On Administration screen - Timesheet Holidays.

Note, this is backed up in E.g.

1/May/2012 - Labor Day,\
9/May/2012 - Victory Day

Or just:

jira.timesheet.plugin.holidays=1/May/2012, 9/May/2012

Dates must be specified in jira default locale and long date format, which are usually en_US and dd/MMM/YYYY.

See also issue #257 for reference, and issue #297 for implemented enhancement.

Backing properties

For more information about setting corresponding property in, please see Advanced Jira Configuration.